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Now Hiring! - Residential camp counselor, Blueberry Cove

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Being a summer camp counselor is arguably one of the best jobs in the world. You get to have lots of fun, play games, try new things and make lifelong friends. You can also make a real and lasting difference in the lives of many children, to whom you become role model extraordinaire, brother/sister, surrogate parent and friend.

As a counselor you will spend nearly all of your time around campers, so it’s important you have a real interest in working with children. The campers are, after all, the reason for us all being there in the summer: our summers revolve around the campers, and they must be your priority. You will be living in a single-room cabin with another counselor and up to 8 campers. This means both that you will not have much by way of privacy and may be called upon in the middle of the night by your campers … and still be expected to be cheerful in the morning!

Our counselors also lead activities every day, and assist with running a focus, working in the kitchen or helping out with maintaining camp facilities. We give a lot of training to help you be as successful as possible in your role at camp. When planning activities you have freedom in the activities you lead, so long as they have some educational value and are safe.  Activities can be arty, nature-based, sporty or musical, the choice is yours. Support and guidance is available throughout the summer and our staff training program provides lots of ideas, skills and time to plan.

Share your skills knowledge and passions: be a camp counselor.

NOTE: all female positions are filled for 2014. We are currently hiring male staff. 


  • Flexible, creative, team player, appreciate the natural world
  • Completed senior year in high school or at least 18 years of age
  • Previous camp or related experience working with youth
  • Ability to lead groups outdoors over various terrain
  • First aid and basic life support certification (CPR)
  • Preferred: lifeguard certification

Requirements for Hiring

  • Complete health screening and pass appropriate background checks

Dates & Compensation

  • June 14/15 to August 16, 2014; 5 or 9 weeks, including 1 week of staff training; 1-3 weekends of work
  • Compensation: $190/week (pre-tax) base salary, plus room and board; pay bonus for life guards ($20/week) and returning staff ($15/week).
  • Option available to stay for an additional two weeks (through August 23) for extended camp programs.


Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer



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