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Voyagers, ages 10-12 - Grand Voyage Schedule

* = These Voyages involve one or two overnight stays!!!

Wk 1, Friday, June 27:  Paddle Boards at Drift In Beach - Drift In Beach has perhaps the best tidal pools in Maine!  Examine baby lobsters, use the seine net to catch flounders, dig for clams, and gather Irish Moss to make seaweed pudding!  Campers will also the explore surrounding coves on paddle boards.  A beach day at its best!

Wk 2, Thursday July 3:  Tenants Harbor Marsh Adventure

-  After a 10 mile ferry ride where birds, seals and whales are often spotted, campers will explore and hike historic Monhegan Island!  Secret beaches, the original fairy house forest and an old shipwreck are but a few of the highlights!  This is an adventure, not to be missed!  Note:  The shuttle will not be available on Friday as the ferry does not return to Port Clyde until 5:30 PM!

* Wk 4, Thursday & Friday, July 17 & 18:  Blueberry Cove Camping Trip –  Monday through Wednesday will campers will practice the outdoor living skills needed for camping.  On Thursday night, Campers will tent nestled in the fir trees on the shores of Blueberry Cove and wake to the sounds of lobstermen heading out to sea and the Tenants Harbor bell.  Camp fires, fire flies, flashlight tag and more!

Wk 5, Friday, July 25:  Island Quarry Adventure - Paddle to the Island or hike across a causeway and discover an aquamarine quarry perfect for swimming.  This is a sight you will not want to miss.

* Wk 6, July 30-August 1:  High Island Camping Voyage - This grand voyage involves planning all aspects of a two night canoe and camping trip on a coastal island at the head of Tenants Harbor!  On Wednesday and Thursday nights Voyagers will camp and explore on High Island!

Wk 7, Friday, August 8:  Tenants Harbor Marsh Adventure - (see week 2 description above)

Wk 8, Friday August 15:  – Paddle Boards at Drift In Beach (see week 1 description above)

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