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Transfer Student Program

Congratulations on joining the UMaine community!

Your first semester on a new campus can be a bit difficult.  Although you’ve already had the transition from high school to college, you are now learning to navigate a new campus, having to relearn campus resources and office names, making new friends, and may even be experiencing a transition in your major or field of study.  In order to assist you in this transition, we offer both a Transfer Student Community on campus, as well as support through our Second Year Experience office.

The Transfer Student Community is located in Kennebec Hall, an upper-class residence hall.  This community is made up entirely of new transfer students to UMaine; even the staff who live on the floor with the students were themselves transfer students previously.  This community provides extra support to you as a new transfer student, because the other students in your community are experience the same transition as you.

The Transfer Student Program is a subset of resources and programs through the Second Year Experience that have been designed to help you become a successful UMaine student both inside and outside of the classroom.  During Fall Welcome Weekend we both promote the large, campus-wide events that are open to all new students, as well as plan some smaller, more intimate events specifically for our transfer students.  We offer a number of social events in the first few weeks of the semester to assist transfer students in meeting other students.  Additionally, we offer a number of orientation activities and resources that assist transfer students in learning about the campus- everything from how your meal plan works, to the many ways you can get tutoring and classroom support, to the best places to study on campus.