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Time Management - Lesson 8: Don’t Let Time Run Away From You

Time Fact #8:

Completing your “A” tasks early is a great reducer of stress.

Do you let time run away from you? Which of the following apply to you?

  • You indulge yourself. You do something you really enjoy but it is not critical that the activity be done now.
  • You socialize. You visit, engage in small talk, and renew old contacts.
  • You read “C” quality material rather than skim it.
  • You do it yourself. You copy or take extensive notes on material that could be more productively photocopied. You do something that could be delegated (to a committee member, colleague, spouse, or a child).
  • You overdo it. You spend an extra hour or two on a project that doesn’t call for perfection.
  • You run away. You go to a meeting you know will not be beneficial in order to escape the demands of studying. You pay your bills in person instead of mailing checks.
  • You daydream. You wonder how you are going to spend your next vacation.

Many of these escapes are lots of fun and fine activities, but if you indulge them when you should be doing A-1 tasks, you are not an effective and efficient time user.
How can you avoid these escapes?

  • Tell your friends, your boss, your family all of your dodges. This should keep you honest
  • Get restarted and re-focused
  • Plan when you feel overwhelmed
  • Keep yourself involved (mentally) in a project even when your “instant” tasks wear thin
  • Work on your A-1 tasks every day
  • Avoid your favorite escapes when there is an “A-1″ task to do
  • Maintain a positive attitude in spite of occasional setbacks
  • Resist doing an easy but unimportant task
  • Delegate work to a committee member or son/daughter

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