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Time Management - Lesson 5: Transition Time

Time Fact #5:

Don’t judge the success of your day by the number of things you did but rather by the value of what you accomplished. It is far better to have completed one item from the “A” list than to have attended to 5 items from the “C” list.

Most of us lose 40-90 minutes a day in transition time
This is time standing in dining hall and registration lines, waiting for class to begin, picking up a friend who isn’t yet ready, etc.

These precious minutes can be productively used for learning new vocabulary, reviewing class notes, writing a letter to family or friend, or keeping current with a best selling book.

Two friends provide good examples. One always keeps a writing pad in her handbag and whenever she waits in line, like a check-out register at the supermarket, she whips out the pad and writes a thank-you note. Another friend keeps a book in the glove compartment of his car. Whenever he is waiting for someone, out comes the book and a few more pages get read!

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