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Maine-iaks at the Alfond

February 10th, 2011

The Maine-iaks at the UMaine-Boston University Men's Hockey game. Photo by Alexander Morrow.

The Maine-iaks at the UMaine-Boston University Men's Hockey game. Photo by Alexander Morrow.

By Kelsey Flynn
Secondary Education, Honors College
Mansfield, Mass.

I think that one of my favorite pastimes here at the University of Maine is the same as plenty of other students: I love UMaine Hockey. I am the proud owner of one of those fancy Maine-iak T-shirts that allows you entrance into the oh-so-exclusive student Maine-iak section. It truly is a great time — my fraternity brothers and friends go with me, and for Christmas all my boyfriend wanted was one of those cool shirts so that way he could sit in that section with me. The atmosphere is intense and it seems like we share every shot on goal with the team. Recently the fans of the UMaine Men’s Hockey Team were featured on CBS College Sports.

The video (to see it, click here) highlights what every UMaine fan knows: This is the place to visit, and playing at the Harold Alfond Arena (more commonly known as the Alfond) is an experience like no other. I’m a Facebooker, I admit it, and what I always enjoy seeing is the countless Facebook status updates about how the game is going, whether they’re ecstatic, frantic, or downright depressed. There are also those status updates that belong solely to the crowd that sits with the Maine-iaks — chants that are meant to all out make fun of the opposing team. Why do we make fun of them? Simple, it’s hockey and they aren’t our team. It’s all in good fun really, as the video shows we are all there to have a good time, keep the team pumped, and keep everyone entertained when the scoreboard is nothing but goose eggs.

The Alfond is the place to be during Men’s Hockey games; it’s such a fun time to look forward to. Standing in line is always worth it when you are up there with such a great group of individuals. Because it doesn’t matter who you are outside of the arena, if you have the Maine-iak t-shirt on, you are a part of something awesome — even if the other team doesn’t like you that much.

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