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Test Drive and Dine

September 27th, 2010
Test Drive Vehicle Ford Fiesta

Test drive vehicle (Ford Fiesta)

By Stacey Gomm
Civil Engineering major
Bangor, Maine

While I was walking to Boardman Hall for my Advanced Roadways Design class I was distracted by about 30 students who were crowded around a bright green car. There were flags and tents all along Cloke Plaza. My curiosity got the best of me, and I felt like stopping and seeing what the excitement was.

I talked with a fellow engineering student, Heman Norris, who told me what the heck was going on. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) student chapter was hosting a car display. They worked to bring Ford’s New England Summer student tour to the University of Maine campus. Ford’s New England Summer tour consists of a group of students working for Ford driving around to different campuses. They offer students the chance to test drive a new Ford Fiesta. Any student had the chance to jump in this new car and after completion of the test drive they received a $7 gift certificate to Margaritas Mexican Restaurant in Orono.

The Ford Fiesta they brought to UMaine was a fancy lime green color, with cool graphics on the side. It was a beautiful day and the test drive drew a huge crowd. It’s really great to see that large companies seeking out our engineering students. And who doesn’t want to ride in a new car for free and get a gift certificate to one of Orono’s hot spots? Sign me up. And don’t worry — I wasn’t late for my Advanced Roadway class.

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