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2012 New Student Employee Training - New Student Employee Training Solutions

The following are a few solutions to address the issues that you may be experiencing (such as a blank white screen) when accessing the training:

1.  Using a Mac?  Your Mac browser may be set to default to “Preview”, which is a PDF reader that is not compatible with this PDF format – the training was developed using Adobe Presenter which has Flash embedded for the audio.  You’ll need to save it to your desktop and open it in Adobe Reader – drag and drop it over your Adobe Reader icon.  If you do not have Adobe Reader you may download it for free at .

2.  Flash not installed?  Go to:  This link will show a bouncing cube animation in your browser if Flash is working.  If it is not bouncing you’ll need to install Flash – a link is provided on this page to do so.

3.  Are you using Google Chrome?  Type “chrome:plugins” in the address bar on Chrome. Look for “Adobe Reader” (it will be grayed out) check the box to “enable”; restart Chrome and you should be all set.

4.  If you are having troubles in one browser, please try another – Windows Explorer seems to work well with this training module.

Still having trouble?  Please call the Office of Equal Opportunity at 581-1226.


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