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Trainings - 2012 New Student Employee Training

The Office of Student Employment and the Office of Equal Opportunity are excited to announce the completion of a new, mandatory training for all student employees at the University of Maine.

The first section of this training covers topics pertinent to all student employees, including mandatory paperwork, break policies, and reporting time.  The second section of this training covers information regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  This portion of the training is mandated by the State of Maine, making it imperative that all student employees complete this training.  A link will appear at the end of the slideshow that will allow each student to certify that they have completed the training.

While all student employees are required to complete this training for the 2012 fall semester, only those students who have never worked at UMaine will be asked to complete this training in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or general comments regarding this new training.

Click here to access the New Student Employee Training.

Click here if you are having trouble opening the training.


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