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Student Guide to Employment - Other Policies

There are a number of general employment policies which are either University or State regulation which all employers and employees must abide by. Please make sure to review the policies carefully.

Non-Discrimination Notice

Sexual Harassment Policy

Whistleblower Protection (PDF)

Child Labor Laws (PDF)

There are also a number of policies which are department-specific and may include areas such as dress code, punctuality, professional conduct, etiquette, customer relations and confidentiality. Students will be trained and advised of any department policies when they are hired. If you have any questions about department policies, please speak with your supervisor.

A Note on Confidentiality

Any student who handles personal information is strongly advised to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with their employer. The Office of Student Employment recommends that all student employees sign this agreement for the protection of the employer, the student and the personal information. This form is not submitted to the Office of Student Employment, but is kept on file with the department’s payroll processor in the student’s employment file.

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