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Graduate Assistantships

There are two types of graduate assistantships available on campus: Federal Work-Study Graduate Assistantships and Regular Graduate Assistantships. The Office of Student Employment handles Federal Work-Study Graduate Assistantships only. Regular assistantships are processed through the hiring department and the graduate school.

Departments on campus are eligible to nominate a graduate student employee for a Federal Work-Study Graduate Assistantship. The department that offers the Assistantship will be responsible for 25% of the stipend, Federal Work-Study funds will cover the remaining 75%. In addition the department will be responsible for the tuition waiver (up to 9 credits per semester).

Federal Work-Study Graduate Assistanships

Student Eligibility

  • Admission to the graduate school is required before appointments to Graduate Assistantships are made
  • Full-time enrollment (6 credits per semester) is required
  • The student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • The student must submit a FAFSA and be deemed eligible by the Office of Student Financial Aid

Nomination Process

  • Employers will receive notification in January of each year detailing the process and important deadlines
  • Employers will submit a list of names of candidates for the Graduate Assistantship to the Office of Student Employment
  • The Office of Student Employment will notify the department of those candidates who are eligible for Federal Work-Study
  • Employers will submit a nomination form for the student they have selected
  • The Office of Student Employment will process appointment forms

Important Notes

  • If the student has not worked for the University in the past 12 months they must complete payroll paperwork with the Office of Student Employment or the Payroll Office prior to working
  • Paychecks are direct deposited once a month
  • Graduate assistants may only work 20 hours per week

For additional inquiries regarding Federal Work-Study Graduate Assistantships, please contact the Office of Student Employment at (207) 581-1349.