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Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study program provides students with the opportunity to work part-time and earn a paycheck. Federal Work-Study is awarded as part of the student’s financial aid package — if the student was awarded Federal Work-Study funds, they would be able to view it on their MaineStreet account under “View Financial Aid.” The total amount of Federal Work-Study awarded is what the student is eligible to earn for the academic year and is based on information provided on the FAFSA.

The first step to earning Federal Work-Study funds is to find a job. Students can find employment using the online job search.

To access CareerLink search, click here.

For additional information on how to find a job, please visit the Finding a Job tab on the right.

Non Work-Study jobs may also be available for students who were not awarded Federal Work-Study. Federal Work-Study is not a requirement for employment as a student — it is merely a source of employment funding.

For additional information on the Federal Work-Study program, visit