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Complete Required Paperwork - Student Authorization Form

The Student Authorization Form is required for all student employees after they have been hired and before they begin working. This page is meant to be a guide to every field on the form.

2014 Summer Authorization Form

Student Authorization Form

First and foremost, make sure you are using the correct form! There are different forms for the academic year and the summer. The title of the form will indicate which form it is and what time span it is to be used for.

Note: All fields are required.

Name: Enter the student’s full legal name.

MaineStreet ID#: Enter the student’s MaineStreet ID #

Birthdate: Enter the student’s date of birth.

Sex: Check the appropriate box.

Social Security Number: Enter the student’s Social Security Number.

E-mail: Please enter the student’s e-mail address.

Are you a U.S. Citizen?: Please indicate if the student is a U.S. Citizen. If “No” is indicated, the student must furnish proof of their right to remain and work in the U.S. All non-citizens should contact the Payroll Office for additional information.

Have you worked for the University in the last 12 months?: Please check the appropriate box to indicate if the student has worked for the University in the last 12 months. If “No” is checked, the student will have to complete an I-9 packet in person with either Student Employment or Payroll.

Are you a University of Maine Orono Student?: Please indicate if the student is a University of Maine student or not. If “No” is checked, the student may still work at the University of Maine as a student employee, but the student must provide proof of enrollment at another school to the employer. Please indicate which school the student is enrolled at on the appropriate line.

Are you enrolled at least half-time in a degree-granting program?: Please indicate if the student is enrolled in a degree-granting program at least half-time. Half-time enrollment for undergraduate students is 6 credits per semester, for graduate students it is 3 credits or 1 thesis credit per semester. If  “No” is checked, the student may not work as a student employee. Please stop completing this form. The department may choose to hire the student but it would have to be as a regular employee.

This is a: Please check the appropriate box. A new hire is a student who has never worked for the department before. An additional position with the department is used when a student has multiple positions with the same department. A job title change is if the student receives a new position with the same department and the old position is no longer valid.

Effective Date: Please enter the date this Authorization should go into effect.

This Position is a: Please check the appropriate box. A Work-Study position is one in which the student has been awarded Work-Study and wishes to use it for this position. A Regular position indicates that either the student was not awarded Work-Study or a student’s Work-Study funds should not be used for this position. An Other position is for other student employment job types.

Work-Study Award Amount: If the student was awarded Work-Study, indicate the amount here. This is located in the student’s Financial Aid award on MaineStreet.

Free-Match?: Please check the appropriate box  to indicate if Free-Match funds should be used for this position or not. Free-Match can only be used for Work-Study positions. If you are unsure if you are in the Free-Match program, please contact the Office of Student Employment.

Does this position involve non-profit community service? Please check the appropriate box. If you have questions about what qualifies as non-profit community service, please contact the Office of Student Employment.

Department Name: Enter the name of the Department the student will work for.

Department Code: Enter the Department Code used for payroll purposes. This code begins with the letter “O” and differs from the Dynamic Group.

Department Address: Enter the address for the Department the student will work for.

Payroll Processor: Enter the person responsible for payroll processing in the department. This person will keep on file all payroll documents and is the primary contact between the department and the Office of Student Employment. Include their direct telephone number.

Supervisor: Enter the person the student will report to directly while working. Include their telephone number.

Time Approver: Enter the person responsible for approving the student’s time in MaineStreet. Include their telephone number.

Notes: It is possible to have one person perform more than one function regarding the time approver, supervisor and payroll processor fields. All fields need to be complete. For example, if a person is both the supervisor and the time approver, their name should be filled out in both fields.

Department 10-Digit Accounting ID: Enter the 10-digit ID number for accounting purposes.

Dynamic Group: Enter the dynamic group for the specific department which the student works for. This code also begins with the letter “O”  but differs from the Department Code.

Chartfield Combination: Enter the Department ID number and Class, Fund, Program and Project ID as necessary to indicate the account which payroll funds for the student will be received from.

Job Title: Enter the student’s job title using the Student Job Classification List. Click here for the list of classifications and their descriptions.

Position Code: Please enter the 4-digit position code located on both the Student Job Classification List and on each title description. Employers wishing to hire students in a position which is a Pay Level VI will need prior approval from the Office of Student Employment before hiring the student.

Step: Please check the appropriate pay step the student will begin at. All students begin at Step I of their pay level (as determined by job code). If a student shows exceptional talent and qualifications for the position, the employer may choose to start a student at Step II. Step III and IV are reserved for annual pay increases.

Hourly Wage: Enter the appropriate hourly wage rate from the Pay Scale Chart. For access to the Pay Scale chart, click here. The minimum wage is $7.50.

Signature Section: The Payroll Processor, Time Approver and Supervisor must sign and date the form. If someone occupies duel roles, please check the box under the signature line indicating such. The Student must check the box indicating they are aware of and approve the information on the form and they must sign and date the document.

• • •

If any part of the form is incomplete, we cannot process it — this could lead to delays in the student’s pay.

We have a designated fax for Authorizations only: 207.561.3452.

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