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Finding Student Employees - Student Pay Scale

The Student Pay Scale is evaluated every year to make sure the wages students are receiving are appropriate. We set our minimum wage rate at the State minimum wage rate. The intention of the Step System is to start a student at a Step 1 or II and to raise them annually. For example, if an undergraduate student begins working in a position in their first year at Step I, they will be at Step IV when they graduate.

Each position has an appropriate Pay Level. When an employer hires a student, the job title assigned corresponds with a specific pay level. The student may be paid at either Step I or Step II of that pay level. Steps III and IV are used for annual pay increases. The only time a student would change Pay Levels is if they change job titles.

All Pay Level VI jobs require prior approval from the Office of Student Employment. If you wish to hire a student whose title is a Pay Level VI, you must call us at 581-1349 prior to completing the paperwork.

The Student Pay Scale is set as follows.

  Step I Step II Step III Step IV
Pay Level I 7.50 7.65 7.75 8.00
Pay Level II 7.60 7.75 7.90 8.15
Pay Level III 7.75 7.90 8.05 8.30
Pay Level IV 8.10 8.35 8.60 8.85
Pay Level V 9.45 9.70 9.95 10.20
Pay Level VI 11.25 12.25 13.25 15.50


A newly hired student will begin at Step I of the Pay Level (e.g., a newly hired Student Administrative Aide I is categorized with a Pay Level I. They would begin at Pay Level I, Step I, or $7.50/hour).

At the employer’s discretion, a student may begin working at Step II if the student has prior work experience or more qualifications for the Job Title (e.g., a newly hired Student Administrative Aide I who has prior work experience is categorized with a Pay Level I. If the employer chooses, the student could begin at Pay Level I, Step II, or $7.65/hour).

Step III and Step IV are reserved for annual pay increases and are given in the appropriate order. Steps may not be skipped. For information on pay increases, click here.

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