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Student Employment

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Finding Student Employees - Student Job Classifications

The Office of Student Employment has established a comprehensive list of Job Classifications for employers. For a quick list of Student Job Classifications, their appropriate Job Code and Pay Level, please click here. For a description of a specific title, please click the title below.

Once you have found the correct job description, you will use the Job Code and Pay Level to complete the Student Authorization Form. The Pay Level will determine the Pay Rate, which is discussed on the Pay Scale page.

Please keep in mind that when posting an available position through the Student Employment Online Job Search you can always modify these descriptions to best depict what your position entails, however, you must use the job titles provided below.

If you are a student looking for a job, please visit the Online Job Search tab on the right.

Student Administrative Aide I
Student Administrative Aide II
Student Administrative Aide III
Student Administrative Aide IV
Student Administrative Aide V

Student Cashier I
Student Cashier II
Student Cashier III

Student Special Project Assistant
Student Program Supervisor

Student Child Care Aide I
Student Child Care Aide II
Student Counselor Aide

Student Computer Technician I
Student Computer Technician II
Student Computer Technician III
Student Computer Technician IV

Student Engineering Assistant

Student Field Worker Assistant I
Student Field Worker Assistant II
Student Field Worker Assistant III
Student Field Worker Supervisor

Student Food Service Worker I
Student Food Service Worker II
Student Food Service Worker III
Student Food Service Supervisor

Student Health Service Aide I
Student Health Service Aide II
Student Health Service Aide III

Student Instructor’s Aide I
Student Instructor’s Aide II
Student Instructor’s Aide III
Student Instructor’s Aide IV
Student Instructor’s Aide V

Student Laboratory Technician I
Student Laboratory Technician II
Student Laboratory Technician III
Student Laboratory Technician IV
Student Laboratory Technician V

Student Laborer I
Student Laborer II
Student Laborer III
Student Laborer IV
Student Laborer V

Student Library Aide I
Student Library Aide II
Student Library Aide Supervisor

Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant I
Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant II
Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant III
Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant IV
Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant V
Student Athletic/Recreation Assistant VI

Student Safety Aide
Student EMT / Fire / Police

Student Technical Assistant I
Student Technical Assistant II
Student Technical Assistant III

Student Research Assistant I
Student Research Assistant II
Student Research Assistant III
Student Research Assistant IV
Student Research Assistant V
Student Research Assistant VI

Student Tutor I
Student Tutor II
Student Tutor III
Student Tutor IV
Student Tutor Coordinator

Student Web Master
Student Graduate Specialist
Student Media Assistant

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