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Student Job Classifications - Student Field Worker Supervisor

Job 9521
Pay Level V

• • •

General Description
Student is responsible for demonstrating extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of specified field work under indirect supervision. Student must demonstrate a high degree of technical expertise exercising independent judgment, initiative and discretion. Student supervises a crew of other students in the field.

Duties (may include but not limited to)
Leads field crews
Assists in the development of field testing strategies
Schedules field surveys and data collection
Performs minor maintenance on equipment
Supervises student activities
Accumulates data for field projects
Performs specified tasks associated with the project
Takes samples
Summarizes and analyzes samples
Codes and verifies data
Operates equipment
Performs tests and technical measurements

Additional Requirements (may include but not limited to)
Will vary based on needs of project
Exhibits the ability to work independently
Pays attention to detail
May be required to travel
Exhibits excellent leadership abilities
Shows expertise in subject area
Must sign a confidentiality agreement

The description above reflects the general duties and requirements considered necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and shall not be considered a comprehensive description of all work requirements which may be inherent to the position. Individual departments may have specific requirements not detailed above.


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