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Student Job Classifications - Student Computer Technician II

Job 9514
Pay Level III

• • •

General Description
Student is responsible for performing semi-complex computer-related technical work using specialized skills and knowledge. Student uses a high level of independent judgment and initiative under minimal supervision.

Duties (may include but not limited to)
Answers the telephone
Organizes paperwork
Provides assistance, support and communication regarding basic technical work
Operates a variety of computer equipment, software and hardware
Evaluates existing computer systems hardware based on customer needs
Performs system upgrades
Assists in installations, integrations and configurations
Meets with supervisors and co-workers to discuss specific projects
Answers technical questions
Provides web application support
Edits and maintains web site content
Assists professional and technical staff with basic programming
Performs database management
Assists in designing publications
Performs research work and administrative tasks

Additional Requirements (may include but not limited to)
Exhibits extensive knowledge of computer software — specifics depend on department
Has the ability and willingness to learn new applications and technologies
Specific skill sets depend on department and projects assigned
Shows general customer service skills
Exhibits basic computer skills
Has the ability to work in groups and independently
Exhibits excellent writing skills
Must sign a confidentiality agreement

The description above reflects the general duties and requirements considered necessary to perform the principal functions of the job and shall not be considered a comprehensive description of all work requirements which may be inherent to the position. Individual departments may have specific requirements not detailed above.


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