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University of Maine Selective Scholarships - Other miscellaneous scholarships

Certification Requirements
You need to complete the top section of the application form to apply for the following scholarships and supply certification as noted.

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Print a University of Maine Scholarship Application (PDF)

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Denotes that filing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required for determining eligibility for a particular scholarship.

Scholarships with a ♦ indicate that the scholarship will not be available for the 2014-2015 academic year due to conditions in the financial markets.

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The American Association of University Women’s Scholarship Fund *
Awarded to worthy and financially needy graduate and undergraduate women who have successfully completed at least one full year of academic work at the University of Maine.

The Bangor Daily News Scholarship Fund *
Awarded to a financially needy student in good academic standing who was a former News carrier; a representative of the Bangor Daily News must complete the certification process

The Dickison Robertson Scholarship Fund
Awarded to an undergraduate student who has successfully completed their first year and is motivated to succeed. Must submit a letter of recommendation from one faculty member supporting their selection

The Hazel Sweetser Bowen Memorial Scholarship Fund *
Awarded to a student who is a full-time junior or senior majoring in elementary or secondary education, is a Maine resident and plans to teach in Maine

This application must be accompanied by two letters of reference.

The Hannaford Teacher Renewal Scholarship
Awarded to currrently practicing, certified (including transitional and conditional) teachers in K-12 classrooms in Maine, with significant teaching responsibilities in the areas of mathematics, science or foreign language.

The Dorothy Menzies Bostwick Pi Beta Phi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Awarded in the following order of preference:

  • Descendants of Dorothy Menzies Bostwick
  • Pi Beta Phi student majoring in a health related field

The H. Wilson Greene Scholarship Fund
Awarded to graduates of a Millinocket High School with first preference to relatives of members of the Millinocket Chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Kathleen R. Hill Scholarship Fund
Awarded to deserving undergraduate or graduate students who have been or are involved in the food service industry in the front of the house capacity (included, but not limited to, hostesses, hosts, maître d’s, servers, bartenders, cashiers, bus-people and others who provide table service)

The Nathan Levitan Scholarship Fund *
Awarded to needy students with Jewish extraction (being defined as having at least one Jewish parent).  Students must have a 3.0 grade point average; the scholarship will be awarded in consultation with the Hillel Foundation

The U.S. Army Air Corp 92nd Bomb Group Scholarship Fund
Awarded to students who attended the Christopher Reeves C of E Lower School in England

The W. Gordon Rockwell Scholarship Fund
Awarded to undergraduates where at least one parent one parent shall be or shall have been a teacher in a public educational institution. At a minimum the parent shall have been a teacher for at least five years.

If you cannot access the PDF documents, please contact our office for a hard copy.


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