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Award Information - How Do I Report Outside Aid?

You are legally obligated to report any and all additional resources to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Waivers, scholarships, and assistance of any kind from a Federal or State agency, private organization, or scholarship foundation must be reported. Receipt of additional assistance not already listed on your award could affect your financial aid.

If you become aware of additional assistance at a later date you are required to notify us at that time.

To report outside aid, follow these instructions:

  1. Log onto MaineStreet.
  2. Click Student Self Service.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. Click Self Service.
  5. Click Campus Finances.
  6. Click Accept/Decline Awards.
  7. Click the appropriate aid year.
  8. Scroll to bottom of page and click Report Outside Aid.
  9. Enter the source of aid name and amount. If you have more than one source of outside aid, click the + button.
  10. Click Return to Award Package.

Also, you will need to send us a copy of the letter that you received when you were awarded the outside aid. You can fax it to us or bring it in to the office. Please include your Student ID on all documentation.

You do not need to report PLUS Loans or Alternative Loans as Outside Aid, as these loans are processed by our office so we are aware of them.

Reporting Outside Aid notifies our office of your aid. In order to avoid a late fee, you must also notify the Bursar’s Office of Anticipated Resources by the bill due date so they know how the remaining bill will be paid beyond Anticipated Resources.

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