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Award Information - How Do I Accept My Financial Aid Package?

Certain aid (scholarships, grants, assistantships, etc.) are automatically listed as accepted on your MaineStreet account. If you wish to receive any other type of aid such as loans, you must accept them on MaineStreet.

You do not have to accept any loans you do not wish to receive and you do not have to accept the full amount. All loans are awarded on an annual basis and are disbursed half in the fall and half in the spring. If you have special requests regarding the disbursement of your loans (e.g., you’d like different amounts for each semester) please contact our office. Declining an award removes it from your package.

In some cases, if you decline a loan award and then realize you wish to accept it later on in the year, you may be able to do so by contacting our office. However, if you decline an award for Work Study, we may not be able to reinstate the funds.

For guidance on how to accept your award on MaineStreet, click here.

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