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Auditions - Scholarship Application


Check appropriate box(es):

_____Prospective UMaine Music Student

_____ Current UMaine Music Student (renewal)

_____ Current UMaine Music Student (first-time applicant)

Fill out the following relevant information:

Name ID#
(Please print)
University Address phone

Home Address phone

Current applied music teacher

Grade Point Average last semester Accum.

Major instrument (or) voice Years of study

Other instruments (or) voice Years of study

List your current musical repertoire

Briefly describe your past musical experience in terms of musical honors, awards, contests, organizations:

Briefly describe your future musical goals:

In addition to sending the application form, all students submitting a music scholarship application must:

1. Submit a recording of music in contrasting styles performed by the student.
2. Request a letter of recommendation from at least one of your UM applied music teachers or present applied teacher. Have the letter sent directly to the Music Scholarship Committee by February 1.

Send to: Scholarship Committee
University of Maine
School of Performing Arts
5788 Class of 1944 Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5788

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