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Somerset County Extension Homemakers Local Groups - Madison Extension Homemaker Group [Riparians]

Madison [Riparians]

Madison Extension Homemakers [Madison Riparians] are one of 7 local community groups that comprise Somerset County Extension Homemakers.  We have 17 members and meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Some projects we have recently been involved in are:

Nature crafts and painting rocks were unanimously selected by the members of Madison Riparian Homemakers group as the best educational program.  The crafts were fun, interesting, original, and inexpensive to create.  However, far beyond making the projects, this program transcended generations.  The crafts generated creativity, physical exercise, “getting back to nature and basics”, and enjoying our precious earth. Most enjoyed by our members was the sharing of doing the projects with their children and grandchildren.  We felt that it was important to “get the kids out of the house,” and put them in contact with “mother earth” who has not been respected much lately.  These sights, smells, and the touch of nature brought many shared memorable moments and creativity between others and our family members.

Educational programs planned for ____ include [program title and date]:

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