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Pest Alerts!

Late Blight Alert: Commercial vegetable producers and home gardeners are strongly encouraged to be on the lookout for Late Blight disease. Late Blight has been reported from Long Island, NJ, NC, and several counties PA. Both tomato and potato have been affected.

The Blacklegged Tick (Ixodes scapularis), formerly known as the Deer Tick remains very active in most of MA.   Take precautions to prevent being a blood-meal host when in tick habitat.  For those bitten by this tick, especially if the tick has been attached for more than 12 hours, seeking medical advice is highly recommended in order to receive proper treatment.  For more detailed information about this tick, Lyme disease, how to submit a sample, etc., visit the following web sites:

Armyworms have been reported in Somerset County feeding on corn.  For information on identifying and managing armyworm see:

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