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Current Graduate Students - Stephenie MacLagan

Stephenie MacLagan

Stephenie MacLagan


Graduate Degree Being Pursued:

M.S., Resource Economics and Policy

Major Advisor:

Kathleen P. Bell


Stephenie MacLagan graduated from Unity College with a B.S. in Environmental Policy, and is employed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. She connects people with their environment, having been: a GIS mapper, market researcher, consultant, environmental field technician, writer and translator of technical reports, member and leader of committees, and coordinator of projects and programs. Her current work involves shoreland zoning, providing land use regulation services to municipal officials.


At the university, Stephenie contributes to the Sustainability Solutions Initiative, and her research interests include: boundary spanning, the policy cycle, hedonic modeling and other valuation techniques, and benefit-cost analyses. Stephenie participates in the New England Sustainability Consortium. Her graduate research applies economic and policy theories to intertidal shellfish management approaches. Using economics and communication toward sustainable solutions to environmental and societal challenges is Stephenie’s broader aspiration.

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