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Current Graduate Students - Julia McGuire

Julia McGuire

Julia McGuire

Graduate Degree Being Pursued:

Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Major Advisor:

Xuan Chen


Julia holds a B.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Resource and Environmental Policy and a minor in Spanish. For five years, she gained valuable experience by working in consulting, city government, human rights and advocacy, education, and field biology.

Julia is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow working on her Ph.D in EES with a research focus on food systems. Specifically, she is interested in the intersection between agroecology, economics, and sustainability. How can understanding the connections between people in a system help meet economic, environmental, and cultural needs now and indefinitely? Julia is looking at Maine’s dairy industry as an example of a complex food system and will use mixed methods to try to answer this question. She has received research support from SOE and SSI. Julia has also taught EES 100–the class that inspired her to become an EES student a decade ago.

Julia is the current organizer of the UMaine Food Systems Alliance (UMeFood), which is a group of students and community members working on issues related to food systems. If you are interested in joining, please contact Julia at

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