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Current Graduate Students - Binod Neupane

Binod Neupane

Binod Neupane

Graduate Degree(s) Being Pursued:

  • Ph.D., Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • M.S., Resource Economics and Policy

Major Advisor(s):

Jonathan Rubin, Sharon Wagner


Binod Neupane has an M.S. in Forest Resources from the University of Maine, with a concentration on Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). During his master’s study, he assessed the environmental impacts of forest-based bioethanol production in Maine. Further, he developed a conceptual methodological framework to account for the biodiversity impact, which lacks in the current LCA model.

He is currently pursuing PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences with a concentration on Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Sustainability. He is developing a decision support system to model different decision variables on environmental and socio-economic aspects of the emerging drop-in fuel market. His proposed model integrates life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, and stakeholder perceptions in a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) of drop-in biofuels. The final outcome of his model will optimize the overall economic, environmental and social sustainability of the drop-in fuel supply chain.

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