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Department of Commerce official visits the UMaine economic development/business support program “Knowledge Transfer Alliance”

On Thursday April 4 Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce, Matt Erskine, and Maine Congressman Michael Michaud, visited the University of Maine to learn about the economic development/business support program “Knowledge Transfer Alliance” (KTA).  The meeting was attended by the Knowledge Transfer Alliance University of Maine leaders – KTA Director Hugh Stevens, George Criner, Director of the School of Economics, and John Mahon, Professor in the Maine Business School.

Matt Erskine, Mike Michaud, and Mario Teisl

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Matt Erskine (right foreground) and Congressman Michael Michaud (left foreground), at the University of Maine meeting. Incoming School of Economics Director, Professor Mario Teisl, in background.

In addition to the School of Economics and the Maine Business School, participating UMaine Knowledge Transfer Alliance partners include the Advance Manufacturing Center and Cooperative Extension.  As part of the visit, Congressman Michaud and Deputy Assistant Secretary Erskine hosted a Department of Commerce Business Round Table, attended by several Knowledge Transfer Alliance business clients as well as participating graduate students.  Various topics were included including the benefits of working with the University as a solution to commercial and manufacturing issues.

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