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Organizational Alumni Reception

alumni reception attendees

The School of Economics (SOE) held an organizational alumni reception in Washington DC on March 26th. Attending (left to right) included Danielle Jones, Office of Management and Budget; Sarah Marrinan, US EPA National Center for Environmental Economics; Adam Stern, US Dept of Interior; George Criner, Director UMaine School of Economics; George Pullen, Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Hugh Stevens, Special Projects UMaine School of Economics.

The March 26th meeting was the first of semiannual School of Economics alumni meetings to be held in the Washington DC area. The next meeting is on or near the national meetings of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association meetings between August 3 and August 7, 2013. For more information on the next meeting please contact local SOE Alumni Coordinator for this event will be Danielle Jones (office 202.395.1741; cell phone is 240.997.5694;

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