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Graduate Alumni - Jon Devine

Jon Devine, Senior Economist
Cotton Incorporated

Graduate Degree Earned & Year:

Resource Economics & Policy

Spatial Information Science and Engineering

Major Advisor(s):

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Attitudes towards Tourism Development

Description of current position:

Jon’s job is focused on cotton market analysis and communication of cotton price outlook to market participants.  This involves regular publications, as well as presentations, podcasts, and research projects.  Some of his work can be found at the following location

Graduate Experience:

“My experience at UMaine was a great one.  The rigor of the econometrics courses, along with the experience of using a range of different software packages was helpful.  Another benefit was the emphasis on the ability to communicate.  Class presentations and the challenge of completing a written thesis were valuable learning experiences.  On top of all of that, UMaine is a great community for students, with many caring faculty and a diverse set of students from all over the country and the world.”

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