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Full-Time Faculty - Winston Turner

Winston Turner Adjunct Professor,
Project Evaluation Coordinator
M.A. DePaul University (experimental psychology)
Ph.D. Brandeis University (health policy)

Winston TurnerDr. Turner teaches on the area of social work research and has been the project evaluator for several state and national evaluation projects. In his role as evaluator, he has managed numerous federal
and state grants and contracts. Since his arrival in 1998, he has provided program evaluation services for grants and contracts to Maine’s Native American communities, the Center on Aging, the Research and Evaluation Program within the Department of Education and the Margaret Chase Smith Center for Social Policy.

Dr. Turner has extensive experience directing research projects
relevant to health policy in a variety of interest areas including
substance abuse, homelessness, persons with long-term mental
illness, and the assessment of treatment outcomes. He also serves
as a grant reviewer for the Department of Health and Human
Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Administration (SAMHSA). Over the past three decades, Dr. Turner
has taught in the Psychology, Physical Therapy and Social Work
departments of numerous universities in Massachusetts and Maine.
He serves on several dissertation committees each year and is a
past member of the University’s Institutional Review Board.
Dr. Turner operates a private consulting business (Northeast
Research Services) out of his Blue Hill home providing services such
as program evaluations, research design and statistical
consultation, data analyses, grant writing, data systems
development and professional management workshops.

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