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Field Education Information - BSW Field Education Information

The BSW Field Expectations (PDF) describes the Junior and Senior Year Field Experience activities.

SWK 395 Junior Year Field Experience. BSW students complete a two-semester field experience (SWK 395) during the junior year. The fall semester of SWK 395 is a 3 credit, two and one half hour weekly class designed to introduce students to social work practice knowledge, values and skills and to support students’ socialization into the profession. A central emphasis in SWK 395 is on breadth of exposure to underserved client populations and different fields of practice. Weekly learning modules and guest speakers focus on skill development, professional behavior, interviewing skills, and ethical behavior and practice. In the spring semester, students spend 1/2 day each week rotating in groups of 3-4 students through 4 different agencies, spending 3 weeks at each rotation. The agencies, selected and assigned by the Field Director, provide the students with one week of orientation and then two weeks of service learning activities. Students complete a weekly SWK 395 Junior Field Log (PDF) and (Word)

SWK 495 Senior Year Field Practicum. BSW students complete a two-semester field practicum (SWK 495) during the senior year. The Senior Year Field Practicum consists of two consecutive semesters of SWK 495 during which students participate in a weekly field seminar in addition to spending a minimum of 400 clock hours in their field placement.

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