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MSW Admission - Application Process

Application Deadline February 15 or until a program is filled.

Applicants to the University of Maine MSW Program have two options for submitting applications: 1) MSW applicants may submit their application online at the Graduate School website, or 2) MSW applicants may complete a hardcopy (paper) application and mail it to the Graduate School at the address listed below:

Application materials may be submitted via email to:

University of Maine Graduate School, 5755 Stodder Hall, Rm 42
Orono, ME 04469-5755

Application materials may be submitted via e-mail to:

All applicants will submit the following materials:

1. University of Maine Graduate School Application:

Online Applications: Online applications are found at the University of Maine Graduate School website. Applicants should go to:

The application fee is $65.00 and can be paid online or by calling the Graduate School at 207-581-3291.

Hardcopy (paper) Applications: Paper application forms are found at the University of Maine Graduate School website. Applicants should go to:

The application fee is $75.00 for hardcopy/paper applications.  Checks may be sent to the Graduate School, payable to the University of Maine, or you may call in with a credit card number, 207-581-3291.

2. Official Transcripts: The School of Social Work’s Graduate admission committee requests applicants to provide transcripts from all institutions at which they have taken classes. However if you have taken classes at one of the University of Maine System campuses (e.g., UMF, UMA, UMPI, UMM, USM) the University of Maine Graduate School will provide your undergraduate transcripts to the School of Social Work. If you have transcripts from institutions outside the University of Maine System campuses you will need to have official transcripts sent to the Graduate School.

3. Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores: All applicants who do not have a graduate degree must take either the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record Examination general test (not one of the GRE subject tests). NOTE: If you already have a master’s degree or doctoral degree you do not have to take either test. We strongly encourage applicants to complete the GRE or MAT as soon as possible to allow for timely submission of scores to the MSW Admissions Committee. The test results should be mailed directly to the Graduate School: 5755 Stodder Hall; Orono, Maine 04469-5782.

GRE Information:
MAT Information:

4. MSW Admissions Essay: Please disregard the general essay guidelines described in the UMaine Graduate Application. Instead, MSW applicants should complete the admissions essay using the School of Social Work guidelines: The essay must be typed and it should not longer than four double-spaced pages. Please have your name in the upper right section of your header so it appears on each page. In your admissions essay, please discuss your interest in social work, your professional goals, and the values that guide your life and work. Please include information about life and work experiences, your cultural background, language ability, or any other information pertinent to your application. If possible, please describe what you envision yourself doing as a social worker 5 to 10 years from now. Finally, describe one major social problem that is of greatest personal concern or interest to you. Discuss why, in your opinion, the problem deserves public attention and resources, and make a recommendation for addressing the problem.

The essay may be uploaded to your online application, or you may email it to

5. Course List Form: Please list twelve course credits of social and behavioral sciences courses taken (e.g., four – three credit courses is all that is necessary). Then list six course credits of Arts and Humanities courses taken (e.g., 2 – three credit courses is all that is required). In the final section, include any other courses that you feel are relevant but it is not mandatory. The Course List Form allows the admission committee to quickly verify that you have met the Council on Social Work Accreditation requirements.
MSW Course List Form (Course List Form (word); Course List Form (PDF)

6. Plan of Study Options Form: Please complete the Plan of Study Options Form which asks you to select one or more choices for completing the MSW degree.
Plan of Study Option Form Revised-2014-Program-Options-form (PDF) and Revised-2014-Program-Options-form (WORD)

7. Resume: Please include a brief resume of your education, professional development activities, work and volunteer experiences.

The resume may be uploaded to your online application or you may email it to

8. References. Please list the names of at least three people who will be providing references on the graduate application. References reflecting your academic ability and/or suitability for social work are desirable. If you are currently employed or volunteering in a social service agency, it is important to include a reference from your direct supervisor. Members of your own family, your therapist or personal friends are not appropriate references. Please give your prospective references our “Letter to References” in addition to giving them the official Graduate School’s recommendation form. Please make sure your recommender(s) complete the two summary questions at the bottom of the form even if they are writing their reference on a separate page.

Electronic letters of recommendation may be requested and emailed to your recommender(s) through the online application process.
Information for References
UMaine Recommendation Form

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