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Certificate in Leadership in Rural Gerontological Practice

The Certificate in Leadership in Rural Gerontological Practice is a program of specialized preparation for graduate level social work students and advanced undergraduates preparing for careers as leaders in gerontological practice in Maine and beyond.


Certificate Components & Requirements

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of gerontological practice and aging issues in foundation-level courses
  • Participate in geriatric field rotations during the course of your MSW education
  • Complete selected assignments informed by geriatric practice competencies in advanced practice, policy, and research courses
  • Complete an advanced internship at a HPPAE Consortium member agency**
  • Participate in the Community Geriatric Leadership Mentor Program
  • Participate in an ongoing, electronic gerontological practice bulletin board with students, faculty, and practitioners
  • Complete a specialty/certificate course on Advanced Gerontological Practice and Leadership in Rural Communities
  • Work with a faculty gerontologist as your academic advisor during the pursuit of the Certificate


To Apply

To learn how to participate in the Certificate Program, please click to view the brochure.


For More Information

Please contact Nancy Kelly (; 207-581-2378) or

Lenard Kaye (; 207-262-7922)


Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology at the University of Maine will be a 5-course, 12-credit, program to be offered on-line. It is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of health and human service professionals who provide care to older adults and their caregivers in various settings. The curriculum, to be offered via distance-education technology, will meet the needs of working professionals everywhere, who, because of the rapidly aging population, find themselves caring for a growing number of older adults. The Certificate is currently under development and approval is expected by spring 2013. Online courses began in the fall of 2012 and courses completed will be credited toward the Certificate upon its approval.

For more information please go to the

Or Contact:

Lenard Kaye (; 207-262-7922)

Nancy Fishwick (; 207 581 2607)


Graduate Disability Certificate

The Certificate in Graduate Disability Studies is a progressive 12-credit graduate level curriculum in which social work students can study with students and professionals from other fields to acquire specialized knowledge in disability theory, policy and research. Courses examine disability theory, policy, and practices that address disability needs, rights and interventions. The Certificate provides a valuable credential for those currently working in or thinking of entering any aspect of disability practice, policy and research. All course have been successfully taught as the Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Concentration in the Graduate School for at least the past three consecutive years. We use an on-line asynchronous structure for all courses. Students complete the following four 3 credit courses to obtain the certificate or can study in any one or more of the classes without applying for a certificate.

DIS 500- Interdisciplinary Seminar in Disability Studies
DIS 520: Disability as Diversity
DIS 530: Disability Policy; and
DIS 550: Research in Disability Studies

For additional Information – Please contact Dr. Stephen Gilson (email: for more information or go to the Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies webpage:


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