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UMaine Renaissance

photo of renaissance group  photo of renaissance group
Renaissance is a small, female a cappella group made up of women from the University Singers, founded in 1999. Contact them on Facebook for more information.

The purpose of this organization is to arrange, learn, and perform music from various decades and genres in an a cappella style. We offer an opportunity for female members of University Singers to experience an all-women a cappella group. We go on one tour per school semester as well as other concerts and gigs throughout the year.

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Anneliese Smith
Gwen Hill

Business Manager/Booking Agent:
Jennifer Shevlin-Fernandes

Publicity Manager/Wardrobe Manager:
Izzy Simbari

The Ladies of Renaissance:
Abby Despres
Anna Roberts
Brooke Pietri
Emma Finucan
Jill Conant
Julia Waldron
Lauren Dickson
Mari Smith


Alumni of Renaissance
Daryl Abbott
Molly Abrams
Cassie Alley
Olivia Bean
Michelle (Girard) Bishop
Sandra Bisson
Sarah Bowen
Jennifer Boyton
Jovan Brennen
Callie Brown
Megan Brown
Emily Burns
Amelia Butman
Emily Ann Cain
Jackie Carvey
Kelly Caufield
Katie Cloutier
Deb (Smith) Colburn
Kate Comaskey
Maida (Rollins) Cordero
Jaymie Coulston
Jennifer Chaloult
Nora Cronin
Shannon Dohar
Allisen Donovan
Marianne Iuliucci Dube
Jocelyn Emery
Megan Emery
Meggin (Hall) Farrell
Hillary Gaudio
Kristen (Child) Godsoe
Morgan Graham
Ashley Grover
Jesse Hanington
Stephanie Hayward
Kaitlyn Hinton
Molly Hunt
Maggie Jones
Caroline Musica Koelker
Jane Marahnas Kruse
Lori L’Italien
Katie Lauze
Serena Lovett
Mandee Nadeau
Erin Mallat
Alyssa Manzi
Victoria Mason
Kristen Meadows
Morgan Meagher
Erika Meiler
Brittany Neal
Catherine (Chesley) Newell
Adrienne Pelletier Olson
Rebeckah Kay Perry
Beth Peters
Rebecca (Guildford) Prefontaine
Kelli (Moore) Raineault
Brittany Reed
Angie Richards
Sara Richardson
Emily Root
Kat Roy
Elizabeth Sauter
Amanda Sarol
Anne Schmidt
Mesa Schubeck
Krista Sirois
Ashley Smith
Carlena Smith
Christine St. Pierre
Suzanne Bongiorno Stevens
Molly Stolberg
Rosie Tanabe
Sarah Tourigny
Olivia Teer
Lisa (Roth) Tripp
Molly Webster
Caitlin Whalen
Michelle Wheeler
Katelyn White
Jessica Wood