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Affiliated Musical Groups

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The Maine Steiners is UMaine’s premiere all male acapella group. Founded in 1957, The Maine Steiners is the oldest acapella group on campus. Steiners is a completely student run and directed organization. The Maine Steiners is a collective of about 7-14 men that are auditioned from the much larger University Singers of Maine. As a touring group, The Steiners act as crusaders for young male singers everywhere. Their goal is to share the love of music and the passion of singing in hopes to recruit young individuals to a life long experience of musical learning.

Renaissance UMaine's Premiere Female A Cappella Group.  Go to to visit the website.

Renaissance is a small female a cappella group made up of women from the University Singers. Founded in 1999, ‘Sance has grown fast competing in last year’s ICCA’s and taking first place in the Quarter-Finals. In 2007 they released their newest album Illuminate and went on their first tour.

Affiliated Organizations 

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