Regional Restoration Efforts


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photoFollow the progress of removal of Great Works Dam Removal on the Penobscot River

The Great Works Dam is located on the Penobscot River in Old Town and Bradley, Maine, and is owned by the Penobscot River Restoration Trust. Removal work on the dam began in early June 2012. Contractor R.F. Jordan and Sons of Ellsworth, Maine removed approximately 10,000 cubic yards of material from the river, including concrete, timber, and rockfill.



National Fish Passage Program Restoration Films in Vermont and Maine
Restoring Roads, Streams and Fish Through Improved Culverts and Flooding in Vermont

Restoring Roads, Streams and Fish Through Improved Culverts - National Fish Passage Program Part 3'


Multi-agency coordination leads to successful dam removal, Simkins Dam, Patapsco River Maryland
Faith Fitzpatrick (U.S. Geological Survey) and Serena McClain (American Rivers, Director, River Restoration) discuss the history of how the dam removal became possible. Allen Gellis (USGS Maryland Water Science Center) discusses the importance of monitoring sediment transport related to dam removal. Matt Collins (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) describes NOAA's Fish Passage Program and how NOAA works to fund implementation and monitoring of dam removals. Graham Boardman (McCormick Taylor) discusses geomorphic monitoring and mapping, and sediment releases associated with dam removal.


Video on Large Woody Debris Placement on the Narraguagus River, Maine with Project SHARE and USFWS


A pilot project to see if this method of tree placement will hold these large trees in place throughout the year. Project SHARE, DMR, and USFWS are trying to create some complexity within the river system. LWD increases ecological diversity and creates small waterfalls thereby increasing dissolved oxygen and cold water.


Bunker Pond Dam, Lamprey River, Epping NHphoto

The removal of the Bunker Pond Dam, located on the “Wild and Scenic” Lamprey River in Epping NH, was removed in August 2011. The project took the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services Dam Construction Crew 6 days to remove.  The project was partially funded through the American Rivers/NOAA Community-based Restoration Program.  Removal of the dam has opened up 27 miles including tributaries in the upper Lamprey River watershed.  With completion of the fishway at the Wiswall Dam, anticipated for spring 2012, 70 miles of main stem and tributaries on the Lamprey River will be open to diadromous fish passage. For more information:

riverAnnapolis River in Nova Scotia

Clean Annapolis River Project, a watershed group in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, has recently completed one of the first planned dam removals in the province.  The Clementsport dam was removed in early September 2011 from the lower Moose River to provide migratory fish passage.  For more information, see http://www.annapolisriver.ca/projects_mooseriver.php or contact Andy Sharpe at andysharpe@annapolisriver.ca











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