DSRRN 2009 Science Meeting


The Diadromous Species Restoration Research Network Science Meeting 2009

Restoration of Diadromous Fishes and Their Ecosystems: 

Confluence of Science and Restoration


The goal of this meeting was to provide an opportunity to shape dialog about the future of diadromous species restoration and research; to join a growing network of researchers and managers focused on these species and their habitat in the North Atlantic, including an ambitious dam removal project on the Penobscot River; and to contribute to the planning of future workshops on top priority science questions.




Plenary Speaker Presentations

Break Out Sessions

Ecosystem Interactions
Synergistic interactions and productivity, role of marine-derived nutrients, legacy geomorphological features, habitat availability and use

Restorations as Experiments
Designing projects to answer science questions, contemporary alterations to ecosystems, adaptive management of restoration efforts

Natural Variability
Natural variability in diadromous fish populations when dams are not a factor, setting restoration targets, what baseline population numbers should be used?


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