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Scientific Diving

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Scientific Diver Training - SMS324- Fall 2017

This page contains documents and information regarding SMS324-Introduction to Research Diving.

Informational Documents

SMS324 Academic Diving Syllabus (Fall-2017)

Initial Registration Letter-SMS324 (Summer& Fall 2017)

Follow-Up Registration Letter-SMS324 (Summer:Fall 2017)

Final Registration Letter-SMS324 (Fall-2017)


Aug 3-  Pre-Course Documentation

-see Registration letter for details.  Documents can be found on “Documents and Forms tab”


Aug 31- Day 1 Assignments/Documents

SMS324 Tentative Course Schedule (Fall- 2017)

*DAN Prepared Diver Online Course (sent via email)

Sci. Diver Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct (2017)

Diver In-Training Exercise

PADI Liability Release (SMS324-2017)

SDI Liability Release (SMS324- 2017)

Equipment Liability Form (UMaine)


Sept 7

General Class Announcements-SMS324 Fall 2017


SMS324 Schedule and Assignment Summary (Fall 2017)

Dive Log Assignment (2017)

UMaine Dive Log Form

Padi_rdp_imperial –  PADI RDP Instructions

Rinsing Equipment-Regulators

Weighting for Scuba

Halcyon Eclipse BCD Adjustment

Safe Diving and the Diver (SDI Ch.1)


Sept 14

How to Breathe Like a Pro

Getting There- Diver Propulsion

Getting There and Back-Navigation


Sept 21

Dearborn Scholarhip Application (2017)

Oceanic Veo100Nx Manual

Oceanic Veo 1.0 Operating manual

UMaine Dive Computer Exercise

Multilevel-Computer Diving (PADI AoW)


Sept 28


Morro Bay Eelgrass Sampling

Duncan and Karna; Eelgrass surveys in Eagle Harbor

Scuba Science Revolution


Oct 5

Safe Habits: Safety Stops

Deep Diving Reexamined

High on Depth

SMS324 Tentative Course Schedule, Updated (Fall 2017)

SMS324 Schedule and Assignment Summary, Updated (Fall 2017)


Oct 12

“Saturation Diving”, DAN Alert Diver

“Breathing Gases”, DAN Alert Diver

* Personal Professional Dive Logs- MidSemester Review *


Oct 19

Diving Fizzyology (R. Pyle IANTD)

Diving For Science (E. Maxwell, American Fisheries Society)

Dive Physics Assignment (2016)


Oct 26

Staying Afloat-BCD Problems (Alert Diver, 2009)

Where’s Dave (Alert Diver, 2011)


Nov 2

Dive Tables Assignment


PADI RDP Instructions



SSI no dec tables (side 1)

SSI No dec tables (Side2)

GFM Model (Undersea Journal, 2008)

NBDHMT- Unresp. Diver Rescue


Nov 9

Begin DAN FA for Professional Divers (online E-learning)

Begin reading UMaine Diving Standards Manual (on Sci. Diving Webpage)

NBDHMT- Unresp. Diver Rescue

Begin AAUS Online Elearning (ROMYLMS)


Nov 16

Finish DAN FA for Professional Divers (online E-learning)

Finish reading UMaine Diving Standards Manual (on Sci. Diving Webpage)

Finish AAUS Online Elearning (ROMYLMS)




Nov 30

Personal Professional Dive Logs DUE


***Dec 1- OWUSS Rolex Scholarship Deadline

Dec 7

Comprehensive Scientific Diving Exam- 0900-1200

(In-Class, Open-Book.  Calculators allowed; no phones/devices/internet)


Dec 14

Final Class Day- Certificates, Grade distribution, etc.


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Contact Information

Scientific Diving
193 Clarks Cove Road
Walpole, ME 04573
Phone: 207-563-8273E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469