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Guide to Campus Living - Safety Policies

General Safety

Safety is the responsibility of all community members.  Tampering of any emergency signage, phone, video surveillance, other safety device, or the creation of unsafe condition is in violation of the student code of conduct. 

Maine Card Access

All Residence Hall buildings are locked 24 hours a day and use a card swipe system for entry.  All student rooms use a card swipe and pin.

  • No exterior door may be propped, and locks may not be tampered.  Additionally, doors may not be tampered in a way that prevent the door from closing.
  • Students may not lend their Mainecard to any other person
  • Students should present their Mainecard to staff upon request.
  • Students should not share their personal pin number with anyone.
  • Students should report their MaineCard missing immediately online at to prevent theft of student funds.

Fire Alarm Procedures

Anticipate a fire drill at the beginning of each academic year. When ANY fire alarm sounds students should:

  • Evacuate the residence hall immediately; close your door when exiting.
  • Re-entry to the hall may NOT occur until Fire Department personnel signal that it is ok to renter the building.  The ceasing of the alarm alone is not an indication for re-entry; staff will notify residents when the building may be re-entered.
  • If a student is not able to leave a room due to smoke or fire, she/he should call 911 or (207)581-4040 and give their specific location.
  • Students who need an elevator in order to exit the building should talk with Residence Life staff at the beginning of the year, or as soon as such an accommodation is needed. This includes temporary circumstances such as being on crutches. Staff will assign a stairwell location where the student in need of assistance exiting should wait for rescue staff.

Fire Safety Regulations

  • Tampering with or pulling a fire alarm maliciously or falsely is a criminal act. Tampering in any way with fire safety equipment which includes smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, exit lights, and fire extinguishers is a violation of the student code of conduct.
  • Alarms activated by student error such as cooking, do occur, however students can be held responsible for the cost of cleaning or repair beginning at $100.00. If this is a continuous behavior on the part of an individual student, then the student is billed for restitution beginning at $100.
  • False Alarms are a federal offense and students in violation may receive up to $400 in fines per false alarm.
  • Students may not cover, remove, or in any way tamper or damage emergency exit signage posted on their door, or anywhere within the residence hall.
  • The possession, use, and sale of fireworks is not permitted in any campus living unit, including but not limited to residence halls, residence villages, apartments, suites and offices. The possession, use, and sale of fireworks is also not permitted on campus.

Updated 10/22/2013


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