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Guide to Campus Living - Recycling

Recycling & Sustainability

  • Students must remove personal trash directly to the dumpster.
  • Each hall has a Recycling Room where you can deposit cardboard, returnables, glass, tin, #2 plastics, batteries, ink cartridges and plastic bags.  For information about how to recycle in your community, review the posted information in each residence hall recycle room.
  • Receptacles for recycling all kinds of paper are located throughout the floors.
  • We advocate the conservation of energy and water.
    • Please be sure to unplug items not in use that are drawing wasted power such as computers and phone chargers.
    • Please shut off lights, televisions and/or stereos when you leave the room.
    • In the winter, please be sure your window closes tightly.
    • Please try to cut a couple of minutes off your shower time to conserve water.
    • Please don’t run water continually while doing things like brushing your teeth, shaving or washing dishes.

Updated 10/22/2013


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