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Guide to Campus Living - Mail/Phone/Internet/Cable Policies

Mail Service

Your Mailing Address on Campus:

Student’s Full Name
University of Maine
5742 ______ Hall, Room ###
Orono, ME 04469-5742

  • Mail is delivered each evening (Monday-Saturday) to student mailboxes before 11pm.
  • Mail may not be handed to students.  Student must retrieve their mail from their mailbox.
  • If you will no longer be residing in a residence hall, you will need to change your address so that you continue to receive your mail.  You may do so either by visiting your local post office or  Please note that Residence Life does not automatically forward mail, nor do we forward mail to off-campus locations.
  • All packages (or mail exceeding the size of your residence hall mail box) sent by UPS, FEDEX, USPS, or any other carrier to students in residence will be delivered to The Cubby station located in the Memorial Union. An e-mail will be sent to the resident student, alerting them that a package is available for pickup. The Cubby hours are 8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. A photo ID (MaineCard, driver’s license, etc.) of the addressee will be required when the resident student picks up a package.  Please note:  it is not uncommon for UPS, Fed Ex, or the shipper to send a delivery notification.  This means your package has arrived in Orono, not necessarily to the Cubby.  You package will not be available until you receive the email from the Cubby.

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Phone Service

  • Residence Life recommends all students have land line phones in their room for use in the event of a power outage, or so requests can be made for emergency assistance should personal cell phones be out of service.
  • Every residence hall room has a land line with voicemail available to students, however the phone itself is not provided.
  • Residence hall phones allow a student to make local calls at no charge. For long distance calls, use a calling card.
  • Voicemail is accessible by dialing 1-3000 on campus or 1(207) 581-3000 from off campus. Further campus phone instructions are posted in the residence hall First Class folders.
  • Resident phone line issues should be reported online at or to 581-1609.

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Internet and Wireless Service

  • Every residence hall room has an internet jack
  • Residents are required to register their computer on the network
  • Wireless is available throughout the residence halls
  • The campus wireless network is called “tempest”
  • Internet jack or Internet issues should be reported online at or to the IT Help Desk at 581-2506

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Cable Service

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Updated 10/22/2013


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