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Housing - Subletting/Summer Housing

Subletting Policy and Unauthorized Use

  • Students may not sublet their residence hall room at any time.
  • Students may not allow anyone to live in their residence hall room who is not assigned to the space by the Housing office.
  • Students may not assign his/her Room and Board License to any other person.
  • Residents who allow their spaces to be used in any of the above ways are in violation of this provision and are subject to a penalty charge. This charge could be as much as the full room charge for each violation during the period of their contract.

Summer Housing

  • A residence hall will be open to students for summer housing who are taking classes.
  • If a student is taking classes in various summer terms, they will need to secure housing for each term.
  • If there is a gap in time between classes, students will need to move out of the building between sessions.
  • For more information about summer housing, please contact Housing and Dining Services at 581-4580.

Updated 10/22/2013


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