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Guide to Campus Living - Housing

Residency Requirement

  • All first year students are required to live on campus.  For information about the first year residency requirement, please see
  • Intentional academic, personal, and programmatic support is provided to first-year students who live in the First Year Experience, described in more detail at

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Housing Application

  • The University of Maine uses an online application for housing assignments.
  • Once accepted, first year students are provided the proper identification numbers to log into the system and sign up for housing.
  • Upper-class students are provided housing sign up information at the onset of housing registration in the spring semester.
  • More Housing information can be found at

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Housing Room and Board License

  • Terms and Conditions of your Room and Board License are available online at
  • Your Room and Board License is non-transferable and covers the entire academic year unless the student is leaving on a University sponsored program (as determined and defined by Housing Services).
  • Students may NOT cancel their license during the year unless there is an academic assignment (student teaching or internship) which places the student at an unreasonable distance from the campus (as determined and defined by Housing Services).
  • Residents who leave the residence halls while still enrolled will incur a fee.
  • Residents who officially withdraw from the university and properly check out from the residence hall are entitled to a refund of the room and board balance per the refund schedule available at  Failure to check out properly may result in additional housing charges.
  • Students are not considered withdrawn from the residence halls until all personal possessions have been removed and they have formally checked out with a Residence Life staff member.
  • University regulations and policies affecting residence hall licenses are subject to changes and additions. Such changes and additions shall be officially posted on the Housing website. This constitutes legal notice. The changes and additions become effective and binding 48 hours after the date of posting or announcement.

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Housing Assignments

  • Housing Assignments Coordinator is Jennifer Perry. She can be reached at 581-4580.
  • During the spring semester, currently enrolled students complete their Housing Application and requests online.
  • Information sessions are held in the residence halls prior to housing selection to explain the lottery process to current first year and upper class students.
  • Following the upper-class housing sign up process, incoming first year students are given housing assignments in the FYE halls. These assignments are made on a first come first serve basis.
  • If two new students want to room together it is crucial that this information is submitted on the housing application of both students, each indicating the other as a requested roommate. Both applications should be submitted at the same time.  Assignment as roommates will not occur unless both parties follow this procedure.  Note: if assignments have already occurred, it may not be possible to change the assignment given.
  • Students must live in the room they are assigned. All room change requests must be approved and are at the discretion of Residence Life staff.  Please note that no room changes are permitted in the first and last 2 weeks of any semester.
  • Should a conflict occur between roommates, Residence Life staff members are available to mediate a resolution.  It would not be uncommon for a room request to be denied until all possible roommate mediation has been exhausted.
  • No roommate(s) may force another roommate to move out. If conflict cannot be resolved and no one is willing to move, staff may relocate both roommates (or in apartments, all residents).  If a student refuses to accept a roommate, that student may face conduct charges, and could be billed the cost of a double-single room.
  • Room changes occurring as a result of a conduct resolution will be billed at the rate of the room reassigned to.  Note that this may result in additional housing charges.

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Updated 10/22/2013


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