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Guide to Campus Living - Heating/Ventilation/Furniture/Window Policies

Heating & Ventilation

  • Property Management works closely with Facilities Management and the Steam Plant to provide proper heating and ventilation in the residence halls.
  • There is an initiative within the department to provide individual controls in each student room.
  • For students living in control rooms, it is very important to keep the windows closed, the radiator turned on and keep items from resting on or blocking the radiator during the heating season.
  • Heating problems may be reported by submitting a maintenance request ( or by calling the Property Management office at 581-4444.
  • During the break closings the temperature in closed buildings is reduced to 52 degrees.  It is vital all windows be closed prior to leaving for break.

Furniture & Windows in Residence Hall Rooms

  • The furniture typically provided for each residence hall room consists of a bed, mattress, desk, chair, bureau, trash can, and recycling bin for each resident as well as window blinds.
  • All furniture must remain in the student room and is the student’s responsibility.
  • Storage is not available in the halls. Students who move furniture out of their room do so at their own risk.
  • If furniture is missing or damaged at the time the student moves out, the student can be charged for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s).
  • Do not place furniture in the hallway as it is not only a safety hazard but damage or loss of the furniture may result.
  • No furniture or decoration should hinder the exit of your room. There must be a minimum unobstructed pathway of 28 inches.
  • Windows may not be used as an exit or entrance into a building.
  • Throwing or dumping any item out of a window is dangerous, and therefore, prohibited.

Loft Policy

  • Lofts are beds that sit up above the floor giving students more usable floor space to store desks, dressers, etc.
  • Property Management has loftable bedframes available in many student rooms. Each year more of these beds are added to the system.
  • All available loftable bedframes are already in student rooms at the time of hall opening in August. If a student is provided a non-loftable bedframe, bunking beds is still an option through a maintenance request to Property Management.
  • For safety reasons students are NOT able to build lofts in their rooms.
  • In Oak, DTAV, and Patch, loft pieces will not be removed from rooms as building storage is not available. 

Windows & Screens

  • All residence hall rooms come equipped with window screens.
  • Screens are in place to prevent bugs and other debris from entering a student room when windows are open.
  • Screens should never be removed from the frame or student window.
  • Windows may not be used as an entrance into or exit out of the student room. Throwing items out of a student room is a danger to all students.

Updated 7/16/2014


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