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Guide to Campus Living - Guest Policy

Guest Policy

  • During opening weekend of any semester, our staff across campus is very busy welcoming students, and completing the check in process.  For this reason, guests are limited to those assisting during immediate move-in only, and are asked to leave after the move-in is complete.  No other guests are permitted in the halls during opening weekends.  No overnight guests are permitted.  Non-UMaine guests will be asked to leave the residence halls during early arrival (August 27-30, 2013), Maine Hello (August 30-September 2, 2013) and January opening (January 12, 2014).
  • After opening weekends, residents should feel that they can welcome a guest in their room for a visit.
  • Prior to the visit the resident should discuss time frame and expectations of such a guest with their roommate(s). Keep in mind that no student can refuse to allow a roommate to have guests and then invite his/her friends to visit.
  • There are some simple guidelines to follow once roommates agree to a guest being in the room. First, no guest can remain in the student room for longer than 2 consecutive nights in any given week. A guest should not visit two nights every week.
  • Guests should be escorted through the halls by the host and are expected to follow all university/residence hall policies. Guests of the opposite sex should be using the appropriate restrooms or the public restrooms in the lobby of the residence halls.
  • Hosts are responsible for guest’s behavior, particularly when the guest is a non-student. Students are responsible for anyone they let into the hall. Do not let unknown persons in and do not allow unknown persons to follow students into the building.
  • Anyone not assigned by Housing to a particular residence hall room is considered a guest. Entrance into rooms is permitted only at the invitation of the occupants of the room. Any guest (including family members) will need to be provided access by the occupying resident.

Guests who are minors:

  • Unrelated minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to spend the night in the Residence Halls.  For definition purposes, overnight will be considered University Quiet hours (10pm-7am Sun-Thurs, Midnight-7am Fri-Sat).
  • Related minors over the age of 6 are welcome in accordance with our existing guest policy (not to exceed 2 consecutive nights).  A minor guest registration form (available on each first class hall folder) must be filled out and submitted to the front desk between 7pm-11pm on the first night the related minor will be spending the night.  Minor guests must be accompanied by their University host at all times.
  • Children under the age of 6 are permitted in traditional halls only while accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and are not permitted overnight. Babysitting in the halls is not permitted.
  • In DTAV or Patch Hall, if the parent or legal guardian is the resident, a child of any age is permitted to spend the night according to the existing guest policy (not to exceed 2 nights) as separate bathrooms and kitchens offer the amenities to house young children.  If the need for accommodations for children regularly exceeds this guest policy, the student should contact Housing Services about available Family Housing.
  • For infrequent needs that exceed this policy, students should contact the Director of Residence Life.

Update 10/22/2013



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