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Guide to Campus Living - Common/Quad Area Policies

Common Area Policy

  • Residence hall lobbies and lounges are reserved for residence hall students’ use only.
  • University organizations may not reserve or meet in any residence hall lobby or lounge, nor may a resident of a residence hall reserve or meet in their hall lobby or lounge for the specific purpose that supports a University organization without permission from Residence Life.
  • All lobby and lounge programs or meetings should be sponsored by a Resident Assistant, Community Coordinator, Assistant Community Coordinator, Academic Support Coordinator, or Residence Hall Association member.
  • Each residence hall lounge is outfitted with furniture (couches, chairs, small tables and desks) and is intended. Students may not remove lounge furniture for personal or organization use.
  • Pianos are located in common areas of most residence halls and are maintained on a biannual maintenance schedule.  If additional maintenance or tuning of the piano from student misuse is necessary, it may be charged to the hall as part of common area damage.  Pianos should not be moved as this will result in additional tuning and maintenance charges.  Pianos and/or any other musical equipment and instruments may not be used after quiet hours in any halls.
  • Equipment such as billiards, foosball, and table tennis equipment are often purchased by some Community Governing Boards and are made available per that board’s recommendation.  This equipment may or may not be available in your hall or complex.   Use of some equipment after quiet hours may be limited in some buildings per that complex staff.  Should limitations occur, this information will be clearly posted in the common rooms.
  • Sound amplifiers may not be used in any area of the residence hall, including lounges.
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, longboards, and other similar activities are not permitted indoors, or off of benches, buildings, handrails, etc.

Quad Area Policy

  • The space outdoors between a group of two or more residence halls is referred to as a quad and is available for residential programs, recreation and leisure.
  • Quad space may be reserved by student groups by contacting the Office of Residence Life at 581-4801.
  • Whoever is using the quad, including groups who reserve the space, must abide by all campus policies, including appropriate noise levels that do not interfere with building quiet hours, etc.
  • Parking any vehicle on a quad, with the exception of bicycles, is prohibited.
  • A full description of the available space and usage policy can be obtained through the Office of Residence Life.
  • Groups who do not properly reserve a quad will be asked to vacate.
  • Amplified music outdoors is not permitted except during Residence Life and/or Student Life sponsored events.
  • Outdoor fires are prohibited without the appropriate permits.  Exempted from this are fires within outdoor grills used for cooking purposes.

Update 10/22/2013


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