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Fort Kent Flood

In May 2008, part of Fort Kent was flooded when the Fish River spilled over its banks near the confluence with the St. John River. Photo by John Clarke Russ, courtesy of the Bangor Daily News.

UMaine’s SenseME research team is led by spatial information engineer Mike Worboys. Also from the Department of Spatial Information and Engineering are team members Silvia Nittel, who specializes in database management, and Kate Beard-Tisdale, who contributes her research experience in modeling, analysis and visualization of spatio-temporal phenomena. Ali Abedi from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering focuses on wireless communication.

Emerson, now a second-year UMaine Ph.D. student in spatial information science and engineering, is a GRT liaison on the project. A recent spatial information science and engineering master’s recipient, Jeremy Onysko, is a GRT project manager, and master’s student Ben Weber is a GIS intern.

Also assisting in the UMaine project are two alumni — GRT’s Art Cleaves, former MEMA director and, more recently, the regional administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region I in Boston; and Bruce Fitzgerald, former Homeland Security Division director at MEMA. Cleaves and Fitzgerald bring extensive, first-hand emergency management experience to the project, providing UMaine researchers with real-world examples of how the SenseME project could be applied to actual disaster response and recovery.

“The work being done to enhance the rapid data management system used by the Maine National Guard and MEMA will go a long way toward improving the common operating picture that all first responders and emergency managers across Maine can use to share situational awareness and make better informed decisions,” Cleaves says.

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