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Renewable energy is a complicated subject with numerous facets and angles.  As such, University of Maine faculty possess expertise in a variety of areas from photovoltaics and fuel cells to energy economics and law.  Below is a selection of professors who teach courses for the minor programs and conduct research in renewable energy.  Please follow the links for additional information.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

William DeSisto (biofuels)

Adriaan van Heiningen (biofuels)

M. Clayton Wheeler (biofuels)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Shaleen Jain (climate change, hydrology)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nuri Emanetoglu (solar photovoltaics)

Nathan Weise (smart grid, electric vehicles)

Engineering Technology

S. David Dvorak (fuel cells)

David Morrison (energy systems management)

Paul Villenueve (electrical circuits, power conversion)

Mechanical Engineering

Michael Boyle (gas turbines, power plant design)

Justin Poland (energy conservation, HVAC, solar thermal engineering)

School of Economics

Gary Hunt (wind energy)

Caroline Noblet (biofuels, wind energy)

Jonathan Rubin (biofuels)

Jeffrey A. Thaler (energy law, policy, ethics)

Sharon Tisher (energy law, policy, ethics)

Sharon Wagner (solar thermal energy)

School of Forest Resources

Robert Rice (bioenergy)