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Forms and Info for UMaine Staff - Professional Services Contract Procedures


a)         Describe the services needed, including any required reports or deliverables, desired outcomes, and completion date.  Insurance requirements may be obtained from the UMS Risk Manager.

b)         Identify possible providers (a minimum of three (3), if possible) of the described service.  A legal advertisement in an appropriate newspaper can be used as a method to identify possible providers.

c)         Solicit proposals in writing from all identified providers.  The solicitation should include:

1.  A single due date for all proposals
2.  The description of services needed
3.  Time frames of work to be performed
4.  Minimum qualifications required
5.  Selection criteria (qualifications, cost, references, etc.)
6.  Insurance requirements
7.  Copy of the Contract for Professional Services (for information only – not to be filled out)


d)         Select the desired provider, using the stated criteria, form among those submitting proposals.  Retain documentation of the selection process.

e)         Fill out the Contract for Professional Services.  You may elicit the assistance of University Counsel for wording specific to your contract.  Once completed, the Contract must sign the contract.  The University will counter sign, and should be an authorized University signatory as designated by APL IV-C

f)          Submit a requisition in PeopleSoft as well as the executed Contract for Professional Services to the Purchasing Department for a Purchase Order.

Miscellaneous Notes

a)         Contracts funded fully or in part by federal or state agencies shall meet all applicable standards and shall contain all necessary clauses required by federal or state statutes, rules, or regulations.  The burden of complying with the requirements of the funding source rests with the Account Administrator.

b)         Services with an estimated cost of less than $5,000, may be exempted from the competitive process with the approval of the Chief Financial Officer (or designee) of the University.  A contract and Purchase Order are still required to commence work.

c)         If a competitive process is not used there must be written documentation in support of the contract, which should include: 

1.  Why the service is restricted to the chosen contractor
2.  A description of any efforts taken to identify other sources
3.  A cost comparison to determine that the charge is not out of line with current market pricing for similar services
4.  If the provider is a sole source, a statement to that effect, and that the availability of other providers has been thoroughly researched


d)         The party with whom the University unit wishes to contract may have a contract they prefer to use over the one provided by the University.  Any alternate contracts must be reviewed and approved by University Counsel.

e)         Any changes to a signed contract must be in writing and signed by all parties.  If the change affects the dollar amount of the contract, a change order to the Purchase Order must be processed.

f)          In some cases, the University unit contracting for professional services may wish to use a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process as described in Section V of APL IV-A.2.


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