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Copier Program Handbook - Supplies

It is recomended the department have at least one extra bottle of toner and one cartridge of staples for your copier on hand.

: When you order toner, Océ will ship 2 bottles at no charge. If you find yourself in an emergency situation without toner, call your service technician. He/she will make every effort to get you a bottle immediately.

Empty cartridges/bottles may be put into the regular blue or green paper recycling bins in your office or copier room. You do not need to repackage the cartridges/bottles in their original boxes. The recycled paper is collected in clear plastic bags by your custodian and placed outside the building for pick up by the recycling program staff. The recycling staff will collect the bags and separate out the cartridges from the paper and Océ will collect them from the recycling office at Facilities Management . Off campus locations may drop off cartridges/bottles to the Depot at Facilities Management at UMaine.

Delivery Time:  If a supply order is placed by 1 p.m. you should receive it, via UPS, the next business day. If by chance you do not receive your order within 2 business days, call your supply representative.

FOR SUPPLIES PLEASE CALL:  1-800-427-5936  
 David Webber  or  Anita Currier

Please Have Your Copier ID# Available


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